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Party Entertainment


Our Parties are All Singing, All Dancing!

Our exciting, energy packed and interactive Party Packages are designed to engage, amaze and entertain all of your guests from start to finish, making sure your little one has the most incredible celebration imaginable!

All led by your Song & Dance Factory Host, our magical Parties are packed full of fun, with interactive dancing, magic, prizes, games and activities using various props, musical instruments and toys!

Song & Dance Factory provide everything you need to entertain all of your guests. We provide background music to set the scene for your party as your guests arrive, as well as hundreds of songs and playlists to accompany the games and activities - all hand selected based on the details of your booking to make sure the atmosphere is perfect for your little one.

All of the Song & Dance Factory action happens in front of a vibrant, colourful backdrop which is a focal point of the room, while beaming lights create an energetic disco theme in the venue of your choice. We make sure your party room looks amazing for all of your guests arriving, and guarantee a phenomenal party to match!

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Let's Go on an Adventure...

During the party, your energetic and exciting Song & Dance Factory Host will take all of your guests on a thrilling journey to the Magic Island. On the magic Island, your Song & Dance Factory Host will lead your little one and all of their friends through a series of different challenges and tasks where the children will win lots of prizes along the way!

When we arrive at the Magic Island we go exploring, finding loads of fun things to do and see! Expect to find props, prizes, toys and more as your Song & Dance Factory Host leads the trail in one of our thrilling adventures!

Why not also have a look at the Princesses, Superheroes and Characters that we have here at Song & Dance Factory - maybe your little explorers could find a very special guest on the Magic Island too!

What We Supply

  • All Prizes for Party Games
  • Structured, controlled Party
  • Colourful Backdrop
  • Lively Energetic Host
  • Magic Tricks
  • Background and Party Music

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