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Princess Parties


A Magical Song and Dance Factory Princess Party

As the children continue on this exciting adventure, watch their faces beam with delight as they meet their chosen Princess.

Please get in touch to find out which Princess could come and visit your little one on their special day.

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Meet our Princesses

Song & Dance Factory have a variety of Princesses who would love to make a very special visit to your little ones birthday - making their dreams and wishes come true.

At your party, the Princesses interact with your Song & Dance Factory Host, who will lead the little ones and their special guest on a journey around the Magic Island, the children will take part in the interactive show as we play the Princesses favourite prize winning games and have lots of fun with exciting props. Our Princess Parties are very generic and are suitable for Boys and Girls.

Song & Dance Factory have the highest standards when it comes to the performance and appearance of our characters. Our superior costumes and wigs are professionally maintained and worn by trained performers and models, making sure your party is guaranteed to amaze and impress.

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How long will the Princess be at my party for?

A Song and Dance Factory Princess will make her entrance in the second half of the party and will remain for approximately 40 minutes.

Will the Princess pose for pictures?

Yes our Princesses will happily pose for photographs. Your party host will ensure that you get a photo opportunity. You are also welcome to take pictures of the Princess interacting with the children during the party.

Who plays the part of the Princess?

Song and Dance Factory Princesses are played by actresses, theatre performers and models.

Why book our princess parties?

If you are looking for the most magical party and want to see your little ones face light up with joy when the Princess arrives then Song and Dance Factory Princess parties are 100% for you. From start to finish a Song and Dance Factory party is jam packed full of fun games, magic tricks and dancing. Then, to make your little one's dreams and wishes come true, his/her favourite Princess will enter and share this magical day with the birthday child and all their friends. Children talk about the Princesses for weeks and even months after the party has finished. Song and Dance Factory Princess parties; the ultimate party that your child and all their friends will remember forever.

How many guests can I invite?

Song and Dance Factory parties are designed for large amounts of children. We do not put a limit on the amount of children that you can invite to your party. We do need to know numbers in advance so your host has sufficient props for each individual child. However a Song and Dance Factory party is also suitable for parties held at home for small groups of children.

How do I book a Princess party?

You can book a Song and Dance Factory Princess party by calling our party planners on 0141 404 1444 or by filling out our enquiry form right here on

What ages are Princess Parties suitable for?

A Song and Dance Factory Princess party is suitable for children of all ages. If your little one loves Princesses and would like to join us on a journey full of fun, games and magic to meet a special Princess, then a Song and Dance Factory Princess party is the one for you.

Are the princess parties suitable for both boys and girls?

Yes, Princess parties are suitable for both boys and girls. A Song and Dance Factory party is all about the fun and games - who your child meets on their journey is entirely up to you. Both little boys and girls love our magical Princesses as they make everyone feel so special.

Does the princess host the party?

The Princess does not host the party. Each party has a party host who will take the children on a magical journey full of excitement and surprises. When the Princess arrives she will interact with the party host and become another guest at the party. The little ones just love their extra party guest and so do the parents.

What We Supply

  • Spectacular Costumes
  • Theatrical Performances
  • Backdrop & Party Props
  • Lively Energetic Host
  • Magic Tricks
  • All Prizes for Party Games

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